Floating Heart Sculpture

Striking free-form shapes combined with luxuriously vibrant finishes to radiate positive energy. Inspired by Asian aesthetics, each design has its own unique fluid style. These original pieces draw inspiration from traditional lacquer ware and provide its own modern twist. Using  specialized techniques, these fiber wood creations are pressed into molds crested from clay and then cast in steel. Artisans then apply layers of lacquer in combination with decorative materials to create multi-hued finishes that intrigue your senses.


  • Red Black finish
  • Striking free-form shape and luxuriously vibrant finishes radiate energy in the lacquer sculpture
  • Made of fiberwood
  • Each piece is hand finished by skilled artisans
  • Contemporary modern design

Small:  13.75"W x 6.25"D x 16.5"H

Large: 28”W x 16.75”D x 32.25”H