Handwoven Natural Tote, Handmade Blanket, & Wine

Natural, Handwoven Tote in Cream, A Handmade, Throw Blanket, & Flora Springs' Soliloquy 2020

This handwoven tote bag is made by rural Kamba women living near Kitui, Kenya. They have been weaving these classic totes from tough sisal fibers by hand for generations. Sisal grows well in the semi-arid climate of eastern Kenya, and its spiky leaves contain long fibers that can be extracted for weaving. Its natural, woven sisal handles make this a 100% sustainable accessory. 

We’ve also added a handwoven blanket with an intricate border design in golds and browns and a bottle of Flora Springs Winery's 2020 Soliloquy Sauvignon-Blanc White Blend. Its bright, complex, and multi-layered fruity flavors pair perfectly with a heaping dose of sunshine!

Toss the blanket and wine in your tote and take Sunday brunch to the park!