Positano Dinner Plate - 6 Colors

Crafted in Portugal by true artisans, Casafina's fine stoneware products are unique, durable and timeless. The stoneware collections can be complemented with mouth-blown glass, natural cork and hand-painted collections of terracotta. What makes their Stoneware DIFFERENT?

INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Casafina is committed to the highest quality, service and design standards showcasing unique, timeless and simultaneously trendy collections.

RAW MATERIALS: made from the best natural (and local) resources in Portugal.

SPECIAL AND UNIQUE GLAZING: original formulas to create beautiful tableware finishes.

SINGLE FIRING SYSTEM: heated up to 1180ºC (2160ºF) which creates a unique ceramic body with a special bonding between the clay and the gazed surface.

RESISTANCE AND DURABILITY: this original formula makes their stoneware more durable and more resistant to both thermal and mechanical shock.

FOOD SAFE: all products comply with the International Standards, as they are lead or cadmium free.

D11'' H1.25''

Available in 6 colors. 

Poppy Red
Blue Cyan