Julio Cesar Delgado "Dance Of The Birds"


Dance of the Birds

Delgado wants his drawings and paintings to mimic ancient figures. There is never a single focus but rather many subjects represented simultaneously. A human figure, an animal, or more abstract expressions of nature, life, or death blend harmoniously.

This stunning piece attempts to create a link between birds and ballet, a link that the artist sees in almost all manifestations of dance.

The bird becomes the protagonist and is allowed the natural space that belongs to it, benefiting from the physical and poetic exchange, and continuing to nourish discourse.

The human asserts ownership of the space that should be shared in equality without the need for obligatory exile.

This image creates that space within its white lines that risk exiting the dark spaces.

Signed & numbered giclée on canvas.  Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

Framed Dimensions: 17" x 20.5"