Chris Dellorco "Contemplation"



"While I want to create something truly beautiful, I also want to explore some level of loneliness and sadness. I think that truly beautiful art often has some element of sorrow in it. It is that contrast of bittersweet that I want to capture." - Chris Dellorco

Los Angeles based artist Chris Dellorco is widely considered one of Disney's top illustrators, having produced award-winning animation for "The Lion King", "Lilo & Stitch" and many others. His prodigious talent, however, is not confined to animation, as this spectacular painting will attest. He is a contemporary master who is one of our nation's top current artists, and he has won many prestigious art awards. Chris is also the winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award from Artists for a Better World. Often set against Old World European architecture, each painting reveals a subtle, yet provocative story that contrasts human beauty and frailty with the solidity and strength of mankind's greatest monuments to its own conflicted history.

Signed & numbered giclée on canvas

Available in four framed sizes: 30x36, 36x42, 42x48, 48x54

At this time we are only able to accept local sales for this item; ie pick up from our warehouse in Davis, California or we can deliver to locations in Sacramento or Yolo County for a $150 delivery fee. This is an oversized product.