Chris Dellorco "Ode to Joy"


Ode to Joy

"While I want to create something truly beautiful, I also want to explore some level of loneliness and sadness. I think that truly beautiful art often has some element of sorrow in it. It is that contrast of bittersweet that I want to capture." - Chris Dellorco

This artistic celebration of gratitude, light and love is the handiwork of Los Angeles based artist Chris Dellorco. Chris is widely considered one of Disney's top illustrators, having produced award-winning animation for "The Lion King", "Lilo & Stitch" and many others. His prodigious talent, however, is not confined to animation, as this spectacular painting will attest. He is a contemporary master who is one of our nation's top current artists, and he has won many prestigious art awards. Chris is also the winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award from Artists for a Better World.

Signed & numbered giclée on canvas

Available in four framed sizes: 30x42, 36x46, 42x54, 51x66

At this time we are only able to accept local sales for this item; ie pick up from our warehouse in Davis, California or we can deliver to locations in Sacramento or Yolo County for a $150 delivery fee. This is an oversized product.