Duy Huynh "Freeform"



Vietnamese born Duy Huynh creates poetic and contemplative acrylic paintings. He draws inspiration from a variety of storytellers in formats that range from music and movies to ancient folklore and comic book adventures.

While much of his work is deeply personal, his clever and often times humorous use of symbolism and wordplay invites the viewer to create their own storyline. Themes of geographical and cultural displacement are prevalent in Duy's artwork. Ethereal characters maintain a serene, precarious balance, often in a surreal or dreamlike setting. With his figures, Duy explores motion along with emotion in order to portray not just the beauty of the human form, but also the triumph of the human spirit.

Images that recur, such as boats, trains, suitcases, and anything with the ability of flight relate to travel, whether physical or spiritual. He also attempts to literally and symbolically connect fluid patterns in nature/wildlife with that of human made aspirations. The results are often hybrid dreamscapes filled with melodic manifestations and flowering the fragments that transcend limitations of logic. The goal is to nurture a visual language that evokes a sense of wonderment while celebrating the fragility of a precarious life.

Giclée on canvas

Framed Dimensions: 32" x 24"

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