Georgia O'Keeffe "Red Canna"

GEORGIA O'KEEFFE (1887 - 1986)

Red Canna

O'Keeffe played a pivotal role in the development of American modernism and its relationship to European Avanti Garde movements of the early 20th century. Producing a substantial body of work over seven decades, she sought to capture the emotion and power of objects through abstracting the natural world.

Her floral paintings are highly detailed yet abstract, stripped of the inessential to focus on shape and color. She was the first female American modernist, whose paintings of flowers and other still life, have become a part of the mythology and iconography of the American artistic landscape.

The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe is the first museum in the United States dedicated to a female artist, and its research center sponsors significant fellowships for scholars of modern American art.

Giclee on archival bond paper

Framed Dimensions: 19" x 21"