Kevin Schelp "Truckee River In Winter


Truckee River in Winter

In the tradition of Ansel Adams comes Northern California artist and nature photographer Kevin Schelp. Kevin has been passionate about taking photos of the outdoors since receiving a "toy" Kodak camera as a child.

Today, his excitement for great vistas, wild places, and the unbeaten path has lead him to photograph mountain ranges throughout California's Sierra and Trinity Alps, Colorado's Rocky Mountains, Arizona's Grand Canyon, several national parks, and even rugged New Zealand. Kevin's work has been published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine and has received local and national awards.

He is entirely self-taught, and believes that the true art of photography is best represented by what is captured with the camera, and not via readily available digital enhancements. What you see in this photo is an actual image, uncensored and magnificent!

Original photography signed by artist

Framed Dimensions: 35" x 27"

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