Colin Staples "Passional"



For Colin Staples "Art” and the world of "Visual Imagery” has always been a vital driving force within his life. It is where he instinctually connects with the beauty and character of each subject he paints, and the place he discovers the moment where the visual journey begins with the train of thought in mind.

His work is completed within one sitting, so that the soul and life essence of the subjects are captured. Staples lets go and allows the work to essentially create itself. He looks inside and tries to give his soul the freedom to pain another soul. It is a process of "shedding the ego” and creating a solid sense of intimacy and trust with himself and with his subjects.

After many years of painting Colin continues to feel passion and calling toward abstraction with the focus on maintaining the essence and integrity of the soul before him. It is also where these elements stand as a testament to his love and respect for at, the incredible process and the next visual journey that awaits him.

Giclée on canvas

Framed Dimensions: 20" x 26"