Robert Taylor "One Mig Down" Signed Edition


One Mig Down

A formation of mirages led by Lt. Col. Avi Lanir, commander of the 101st Squadron Israeli Air Force. Intercepts MiG21’s over the Syrian Desert in November of 1972. In the ensuing dogfight two of the Syrian MiGs are shot down. 

This spectacular piece is a tribute to one of the greatest fighter pilots in aviation history. Lt. Col. Avraham Lanir of the Israeli Air Force, and it is hand signed by twenty six of the most legendary Jet Aces in history, all of which flew the Mirage in combat, amassing a total of more than 207 victories between them.

Numbered giclée. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Signed By:  Col. Giora Even Epstein, Lt. Col. Avraham Salomon, BGen. Israel Baharav, Col. Yehuda Koren, Lt. Col. Shlomo Levi, Col. Oded Marom, BGen. Amos Amir, Lt. Col. Menahem Shmul, Maj. Reuven Rozen, Col. Ilan Gonen, BGen. Ran Ronen Peker, Lt. Col. Moshe Hertz, Capt. Avraham Gilad, BGen. Menachem Sharon, Maj. Gidon Dror, Col. Uri Even Nir, Col. Gidon Livni, Lt. Col. Yoram Geva, BGen. Uri Gil, Maj. Ithamar Neuner, Lt. Col. Ariel Cohen, & Lt. Col. Yermi Keeidar

Framed Dimensions: 38" x 32"

This is an oversized product.