"The Boys of Summer": autographed by Duke Snider, Don Newcombe, Johnny Podres & Preacher Roe (all deceased)

"From 1947 to 1956, the legendary 'Boys of Summer' Brooklyn Dodgers dominated the baseball scene, emerging as one of the finest teams in the league. They clinched an impressive six National League pennants and achieved a remarkable feat by defeating the formidable Yankees to secure the coveted 1955 World Series championship. This extraordinary piece of sports history comprises autographs from four iconic figures of those memorable teams, including the esteemed Hall of Famer Duke Snider and the 1955 World Series MVP Johnny Podres, who have unfortunately passed away. The meticulously custom-framed autographed photos come accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and feature an exquisitely engraved silver-colored plaque, adding to its allure and collectible value."

Framed Dimensions: 33" x 21"