Storm Thorgerson "Picasso In The Sand"


Picasso In The Sand

Storm Thorgerson is best known for creating the greatest rock music album covers of all time, most notably for Pink Floyd but he also created the art for albums by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, Yes and Phish. His art is noted for placing objects out of their traditional contexts which highlights their beauty but often gives the object an awkward appearance.

To quote Thorgerson, "I like photography because it is a reality medium, unlike drawing which is unreal. I like to mess with reality, to bend reality. Some of my works beg the question of is it real or not?"

Thorgerson suffered a stroke and was then diagnosed with cancer, which eventually led to the death of this legendary art genius in 2013.

Signed & numbered original premium photo. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Framed Dimensions: 28" x 30"