Founded in 1981, Casafina offers a wide range of high-quality sustainable products, from kitchenware, bakeware, tableware and gifts. Made in Portugal, these collections are both on-trend and classical. The stoneware collections are complemented with mouth-blown glass, natural cork and hand-painted collections of terracotta. Each plate, bowl, and mug is constructed from durable stoneware and finished with a smooth, glossy glaze. Extra points for being microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Casafina’s Pacifica collection featured on showcases a matte finish in earthtones perfect for casual dining. You’ll find collections of bamboo nesting bowls, a composter and measuring cups and spoons, plus children’s dinnerware.

Searching for artful, artisan-crafted tabletop stunners with a handmade feel that are still resilient enough for everyday use? Look no further. These stoneware sets withstand decades of family birthday parties, spaghetti nights and dishwashing machine cycles. Yet they still return to the table unblemished, unchipped and lustrously beautiful.

And that’s by design!

Casafina’s fine stoneware products are renowned for durability and timelessness. Casafina’s pursuit of quality tableware encompasses:

  • Raw materials made from the best natural and local resources in Portugal.
  • Special and unique glazing formulas to create beautiful tableware finishes. These original formulas make Casafina stoneware more durable and resistant to both thermal and mechanical shock.
  • A single-firing system heated up to 1180ºc (2160ºf) which creates a unique ceramic body with a special bonding between the clay and the gazed surface.
  • High international standards for food safety, as the earthenware is both lead- and cadmium-free.

With the increasing demand for sustainable products, Casafina has redoubled efforts to minimize environmental impacts if its production and fulfillment process. To that end, the company:

  • Sources eco-friendly products, that are both reusable and recyclable
  • Employs single-fired production for fine stoneware products, saving energy and reducing emissions into the atmosphere
  • Offers products made with high percentages of recycled materials
  • Engages facilities that are environmentally-friendly
  • Uses innovative and energy-efficient equipment
  • Installs renewable energy sources, i.e., solar panels, to power its production facilities
  • Applies water conservation practices
  • Purchases recycled and recyclable packaging
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